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Understanding: Chinese Medicine Vol: 2

By Chris K. H. Teo

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Understanding: Chinese Medicine Vol: 1

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Understanding: Chinese Medicine Vol: 1
by Chris K. H. Teo

Category :
Traditional Medicine

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The western way of cure and the Traditional Chinese Medicine way of healing are simply different. They are based on entirely different systems of thinking. They are just like a square and a circle, or an apple and an orange. I believe that the challenge of human society today is to be open-minded enough to accept the healing wisdom of both the western world and the traditions of our eastern forefathers. Learn and benefit from them.


Science, the god of the 20th century was no longer god. There was a mistake and everyone in science seemed to make it. They said that all things were true and false. They were not always sure which things were true or false. But they were sure that all the things were either true or false. The world is gray but science is black and white. Bart Kosko.



The Tao that can be talked about is not the real Tao

He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know.


True words are not pleasant, pleasant words are not true

The wise are not learned, the learned are not wise.


To know the unknowable is elevating

Not to know the knowable is sickness.


Treat things before they exist

Regulate things before disorder begins.


What is well planted is not uprooted

That which is well preserved cannot be looted!




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