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Lung Cancer Success Stories (Pdf)

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Lung Cancer Success Stories (Pdf)
by Chris K H Teo & Chng Beng Im

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Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer Success Stories (Pdf format)


1. Kim: Mom's Lung Cancer.

2. Go Anywhere And Eat Anything You Like.

3. Sell House To Pay Medical Bills?

4. Operate You Die, Chemo You Also Die!

5. Too Old For Treatment.

6. Operate And Chemo - Otherwise You Will Die Within Three Months.

7.  Surgery But No Chemo For Me.   

8. No Chance For A Cure.   

9. A Rare Sarcoma In Her Lungs.

10. Money & Chemo Cannot Cure Her.

11. Do Nothing.

12. Quality Life.  


The stories of these twelve people must be told and shared so that many others who come after them can learn from their experiences. 

We know that lung cancer is a fatal disease. after being diagnosed with lung cancer you are often told that you only have three or at most six months to live if you don't proceed immediately with surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Unfortunately this advice is not necessarily true as shown by these twelve patients.
As early as 1955, Professor Hardin Jones observed from his twenty-five study that untreated patients do not die sooner than patients receiving surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for their cancer. By foregoing these toxic treatments you live longer, don't have to suffer severe side effects besides not having to pay hefty medical bills. 
But be warned. Our healing path is not easy to follow. Only thirty percent of patients who sought our help benefited, the remaining seventy percent cannot! To succeed you need to be fully committed, exercise regularly, change your lifestyle and diet besides keeping yourself busy boiling the herbs which are bitter and have an awful smell. 
By documenting these stories, we are not anti-doctors or anti-modern medicine. If you have lung cancer, go and see your doctors first. Evaluate what they have to offer you. Then use your common sense to decide what is right for you. follow what your heart says. It is your life!

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