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Cancer Yet They Live (Chinese Edition)

By Chris K. H. Teo & Ch'ng Beng Im

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CANCER Why They Live

By Chris K H Teo, Irene E.A.Teo & Chng Beng Im

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  Brain Cancer
  Breast Cancer
  Colon & Rectum Cancer
  Diet & Nutrition
  Faith & Mind
  General: About Cancer
  General: Healing Stories
  General: What To Do
  Liver Cancer
  Lung Cancer
  Ovarian-Uterine Cancer
  Prostate Cancer
  Traditional Medicine

Knowing The Truth May Save Your Life And Money (pdf)

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Knowing The Truth May Save Your Life And Money (pdf)
by Chris K H Teo

Category :
General: About Cancer

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1. Failure After Failure: Why?

2. Stop & Think: Ignorance Kills.

3. Trust Betrayed.

4. Let The Truth Be Told.

5. Surgery: The Mainstay Of Treatment.

6. Radiotherapy.

7. Chemotherapy.

8. Blood Boosting Injections.

9. The Dangers Of Blood Transfusion.

10. The Dangers Of Infusion.

11. Take Care Of Your Diet.

12. You Need Another Option.

13. Money And Politics Of Cancer.

14. Facing Cancer: It Is About You.


Consultation with the Oncologist

Pancreatic Cancer

Oncologist: Oh, you stay in Sea View. What are you working as?

Patient: I am a forex trader in a bank.

Onco: Do you buy health insurance?

P: Yes, I did.

He asked me to lie down. Checked here and checked there. He saw the scans. He put on his computer and showed four patients. One was a miracle case – he survived 6 years with no sign of cancer coming back. He said there are 3 types of people that he treated. The one type is completely cured. The second type is in remission and the third type is just wasting his time. He is suggesting that I am the type that is wasting his time.

Onco: I can’t cure you. But he asked me to go back and think and decide.

Onco: I can start you on chemo. Chemo is every week, for 8 times.

Husband: What are the side effects.

Onco: Nothing.

Husband: He said to us, “If you go for chemo, you must eat a lot of meat. And we will be generous with the painkiller."


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