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Lung Cancer: Perspectives of Medical Science and Holistic Healing

By Chris K. H. Teo

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The Treacherous Journey (pdf)

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The Treacherous Journey (pdf)
by Chris K H Teo

Category :
General: About Cancer

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1. Be Grateful.

2. Died, Five Months After Chemo & Surgery.

3. The Useless and Expensive Poisonous Drugs.

4. Meaningless Decrease of CEA and CA 125.

5. More Treatments More Problems.

6. Six Months If No Treatment.

7. The Only RM200,000 Chance.

8. Breast Cancer Went Wild.

9. Selling Empty Promise?

10. Story of Salvia.

11. Story of Fransiska.

12. Story of Yee.

13. A Long Battle with Breast Cancer.

14. Story of Intan.

15. Story of May.

16. We Cannot Cure You!

17. A Great Failure & Let Down.

This book contains 17 real stories of cancer patients. by writing these stories it is not my intention to criticise the medical profession. the language of love and compassion is not about who is right or wrong. it is about recognising limitations and exploring opportunities. therefore, it is my sincere hope that you can benefit from the bitter experiences of those who had travelled this journey before you. When you are told you have cancer, your world turns upside down. You go into a mad rush to get things fixed. Unfortunately, many people die due to their lack of

knowledge. Many patients said, "I don't know all these." The irony is that some people read what we wrote, agreed with every page that was written but then do not believe! That is your choice. know that Ignorance kills!

Take time to reflect on these quotations.

Don't put blind faith and trust in your doctors. Be your own doctor first ~ David Agus, M.D.

Trust me I am a doctor … and how often is the patient's trust abused … professional arrogance and ambition have led to transgression ~ Robert Youngson, M.D.

Decisions that are made out of fear and anxiety are always panic-driven and are usually bad decisions. ~ Nicholas Gonzales, M.D.

In the real world …. we've giving you this drug, because it's the standard. If it doesn't work then we'll try another. If that doesn't work, then we'll try a third. ~ Joe brown, N.D.

In fact, most people who die from cancer are not dying from cancer, but from their treatments. ~ Raymond Francis.

No wonder patients all over the world are moving away from conventional therapies in search of better options. Conventional therapies have failed ~ Michael Lam, M.D.

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