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Living Proof (pdf)

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Living Proof (pdf)
by Chris K H Teo & Chng Beng Im

Category :
General: About Cancer

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1. NPC: More Chemo You Die, No Chemo You Also Die.

2. Kidney Cancer: 17 Years On.

3. Breast Cancer: Medically Given Up.

4. Turned to Nature for Healing.

5. No Thanks to BMT.

6. Ten Years of Normal Life After Failed Chemo & RFA.

7. Endometrial Cancer: I'll Prove You Wrong!

8. Cervical Cancer: Gave Up Chemo & Radiation and Lived!

9. One Day, One Week or At Most 3 Months To Live.

10. Lung Cancer: Operate You Die, Chemo You Also Die.

11. Melanoma-Lung Cancer: Why Never Die Yet.

12. No Chemo for Me: 14 Years on CA Care Therapy.

13. Breast-Liver Cancer: Go Home & Wait for Your Time.

14. Under Pressure to Go for Chemo.

15. Pick & Choose Your Treatment.

16. Gave Up After One Shot of Chemo.

17. Breast Cancer Stage 3A: No Chemo for Me.

18. Breast Cancer After 2 Years on HRT.

19. You Stupid Girl. Cannot Eat This, Cannot Eat That.

20. I Knew the Herbs Would Work for Me.

21. Eight Years Now - No Chemo for Colon Cancer.

22. Six-Months-to-Live Bone Cancer.

23. Anything But Chemo & Radiotherapy.

So beware of those who insist that you start your treatment immediately after being told that you have cancer. Cancer is not an emergency. Generally, you should be given some time and space to think things over. There is no need to rush trying to fix things. Think again: are these people after your money or your cancer?

We have patients who came and told us that, "Doctor said if you do chemo your cancer can be cured!" When the cancer recurred the tune changed to, "How do I know, I am not God." So beware of anyone promising you a cure. Many patients are not made aware that "cancer drugs don't work in all patients. they are only effective in 25 percent of patients." Three oncologists in the hospital in Sydney, Australia

wrote in the Journal of Clinical Oncology that the "overall contribution of chemotherapy to 5-year survival was estimated to be 2.3 percent in Australia and 2.1 percent in the USA." Ask yourself: if indeed chemo provides only 2.3 percent benefit, would you go for it?

Some oncologists asked patients to choose the chemo drugs they wanted! One patient said it sounded like "voodoo medicine where you can pick and choose." Ask again, why are the oncologists not able to tell you which drugs are best for you? Why ask you, the patient (who knows nothing about chemo drugs) to

choose the drugs? There could be 2 reasons. One, treatment is about money. Your choice is based on your bank account not science! Two, they are just not sure what is good for you, in spite of all the claims that these are "scientifically proven" medicines.

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